Twelve Nature Walks
For Piano and Orchestra
by William Edward Williams

Featuring No. 10 Prairie Hills

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Here are twelve short pieces evoking peaceful walks in nature.  Each piece is meant to convey a very specific nature setting.  First composed for solo piano, later arranged for piano and orchestra.

     All 12 walks, full length video

(Click on white lettering to go to my YouTube channel, for this video and all individual videos).


No. 1 At River's Edge, Dawn           For piano, flute, and strings

No. 2 The Old Road                         For guitar, oboe, clarinet, and strings

No. 3 Above The Timberline          For piano, strings, and men's chorus

No. 4 Sudden Storm                       For piano, strings, and French Horn

No. 5  Our Woods in Winter           For harp, strings, and English horn

No. 6 Northland                               For piano, orchestra, and chorus

No. 7 Into The Mist                          For piano, cellos, and men's chorus

No. 8 Native Trail                             For flute and orchestra

No. 9 A Sunlit Glade                       For harp, woodwinds and strings

No. 10 Prairie Hills                          For piano, flute, strings, and chorus

No. 11  Last Light                            For harp, solo violin, orchestra, and chorus

No. 12 Companion Moon              For piano, cellos, and strings

The album is available at Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.

To download piano solo sheet music, it's five dollars in the shop for all 12 pieces.   Or, if you wish, I can email you the sheets free of charge.  Just message me below and provide your email address.
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Here is my beautiful 120 year-old piano.  It is a Capacoustic Upright Grand piano from Chickering Brothers, Chicago, made in the early 1900's.

I was in the 4th grade before I knew I loved the piano. I was invited into my neighbor's home and a blind boy my own age played for me. How does he do that?!? I asked for a piano and took lessons in classical piano but always wanted to improvise. I soon found my own style.

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